Oxfam America's SfC guide

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Oxfam America's Saving for Change methodology implemented mainly in Mali  is unique, because it does not use written records.  Everything is based on visual procedures and memorisation and every member is responsible for memorising the debts of one other designated member.  While everyone must save the same amount, some members can have 2 'hands' if they want to save more.  When VSLAs, SILC groups and SfC groups were surveyed, we found that the SfC members knew more about the financial situation of their groups than in either of the other cases. 


SfC Mali has now reached more than 450,000 members and, although these manuals are more than 12 years old, they are still clear and relevant.


The methodology is best suited to populations where there is likely to be no literate member, although basic numeracy is necessary.

Saving for Change Group Formation Guide
This manual was used by paid project field staff, in conjunction with the Pictorial Guide
Saving For Change Group Formation Guide.
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Saving for Change Pictorial Guide
This brilliant pictorial guide is used in conjunction with the Group Formation Guide and can also be provided to community-based trainers whose level of literacy is basic.
Saving for Change Pictorial Guide.pdf
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Saving for Change Power Point
This Power Point covers the basics of Oxfam Mali's SfC programme performance, but also covers how Oxfam worked through the groups to convey messaging on malaria prevention and rice intensification, both of which were integrated into the SfC projects in Mali and were highly successful. Note that the anti-malaria messaging was accompanied with the commercial supply of impregnated bednets.
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