The SAVIX MIS online training


The SAVIX MIS is by far the most widely used MIS for measuring the performance of savings groups, worldwide.  It is in use in 77 countries, covering more than 14 million members in more than 630,000 savings groups.  More than 4,500 projects are registered on the system, implemented by more than 1,600 local and international organisations.  It is entirely self-supporting from user fees and does not depend on donor support.


In the last 6 years, working with the Carsey School of Public Policy's Microenterprise Development Program (SMDP), VSL Associates has conducted twice-yearly training courses in 5 African countries in the use of the SAVIX MIS: the most commonly used system for tracking SG projects.

With Covid-19 keeping many people stuck at home at the moment and unable to get out into the field, this can be a good opportunity to do some valuable skills development. By moving the course online, we have managed to reduce the costs, which we hope will allow many more to benefit.  This has enabled us to schedule 4 courses a year, at a much lower cost per student.


The one-month (5 week) course is comprised of 6 modules, which calls for participation in a total of 10 webinars, with students completing set assignments before the next webinar and participating in discussions.  Each participant will create a practice MIS, enter data and produce and interpret reports, as well as learn how to set up national and international networks and be able to use it as their principal management and operational reporting tool.


Our  fifth online course this year will be conducted in English and will begin on Thursday 4th November 2021 and end on Saturday the 10th December. The full syllabus can be found here.


The cost will be $750 per participant, paid in advance through a bank transfer.


Please complete an online application form, then click on 'Send.'  This will automatically be transmitted to our event support partner, Blue Case Management, who handle the registration and take payments.  Once your application is received Blue Case Management will contact you to discuss next steps.


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